Two fun images from the search

Following a request in a comment to yesterday’s post, here are two more fun images from our house hunt.

One of the schoolhouses we looked at had been used to house Kurdish asylum seekers in the nineties. This was the last time that particular house had been occupied, and there were still some remnants. There was just something arresting about the juxtaposition of the posters on this wall:

Tattered chintzy wall paper, a Kurdish freedom fighter, and a kitten.

The next one needs some translation for the non-German speakers. This was on the side of a building in Leipzig that was for sale. Unfortunately, the most exciting thing about the building was this sign, but nonetheless…

Seen on the side of a building in Leipzig. Translates roughly as "Lippolds electrical housewife-cleaners". Who doesn't need that?

My next post about our church will be on Monday. I’m aiming for a M-F schedule.

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