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Cooking in our church


Garden Cuisine: Berry ice creams

Our weedy little berry bushes keep producing, and this time I include a couple of recipes for ice cream using the berries I photographed for my last post on food from the garden.


Garden Cuisine: Eating the fruits of weeds

A post about the simple pleasures of taking advantage of the gift of weeds. And a bit of messing around with the camera as I take a break from plastering.


Garden Cuisine: Red Currant, Sage, and Lavender Pork on Paper-thin Zucchini

Continuing the series on recipes using produce from the garden, this time taking advantage of the bounty of zucchini and red currants, and the dry astringent flavors of sage and lavender leaves. This recipe features pork, but this can be easily substituted, or even vegetarianized. Includes a link to sources of “happy meat” in Germany.


Garden Cuisine: Lemon Balm-Asparagus Risotto

Having a garden is changing my cooking style slightly. This is the first in series of posts about what I’m doing with our produce. This recipe takes advantage of the last few days of (white) asparagus season here.


The Benefits of Trimming an Overgrown Hazelnut Tree

The house came with an overgrown hazelnut tree. I found the hard work of trimming the tree gave several benefits, some unexpected. I include a recipe for cured hazelnut-smoked goose breast.